Don’t Become Another Crime Statistic!

Don't Become Another Crime Statistic

In big cities, home security systems are virtually a must have item. After all, according to the FBI crime statistics for the area there were over 13,000 violent crimes and nearly 84,000 non-violent crimes committed. And while numbers released by the Dallas Sheriff’s Department show crime has gone down in recent months, it is not so great a drop as to neglect getting a Dallas home security system installed.

The Individual’s Part in Avoiding Becoming a Statistic

Regardless of the city in which one lives and especially if it is a large metropolis, the ratio of law enforcement officers to citizens is large; in fact, Dallas has a population of 1,276,214 but only 4,196 full-time law enforcement officers (FBI stats). Yes, the police are doing a great job, and crime is even on the decline but that does not allow one to overlook taking basic precautions.

There is an assortment of precautions that one can take to avoid becoming a statistic. Some are obvious and others are common sense, but they are all helpful. One of the most important things a person can do is to be aware of what is going on in an area. Nothing unusual activities, persons or even a change in routine can be all it takes to stay safe.

Some people choose to become part of a Neighborhood Watch program. This is a great way to be proactive in the fight against crime. By contacting this national neighborhood program, homeowners will learn tips to make their neighbor a safer place for work and play. Oftentimes, the local police department will send a representative to these Neighborhood Watch meetings to give additional safety suggestions and training plus begin developing a relationship with the families.

Exercise is important, but that does not mean that jogging through one’s neighborhood, even one with a Neighborhood Watch program, after dark without staying alerted to the surroundings is wise. If a daily stroll or jog is part of an individual’s routine then be sure to have a charged cell phone handy. Some people even opt to bring along a weapon such as pepper spray or, where allowed, a stun device of some sort.

Using a Home Security System

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to protect an individual’s home or business is with a home security system. While a big dog combined with a well-maintained yard and locked doors and windows will help, these can all be handled with ease by the average criminal. However, studies by Home Security Systems show that one’s chance of becoming a victim are 72% less for people with a home security system in place.

Once a security system is in place, be sure to activate it before leaving as well as when home. As many systems offer additional features such as carbon monoxide detection, fire and even the ability to call 911, keeping the system armed when at home can be very beneficial. These additional features add additional comfort and safety, especially in homes where there are elderly or young children.

Having a home security system is a great way to have peace of mind. It helps one feel safe and keeps what is important to them protected as well. Contacting a local home security, as well as being part of a neighborhood watch group can help. Don’t put off protecting what matters!

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